About Land Asset Solutions

Professional recognition

We pride ourselves in continuous professional development and formal training to keep abreast with developments in our areas of expertises. To that end we are members of the following regulatory and professional bodies:

  • The South African Council of Property Valuers Profession

  • The South African Institute of Valuer

  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

  • Estate Agents Affairs Board

  • Chartered Institution of Arbitrators

  • RIC Panel of Mediators

  • Department of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Panel of Court Mediators

Contribution to Manpower Development

Land Asset Solutions’ professional staff is committed to the development of manpower in the built environment field. As individuals, we have contributed to the training and education of real estate professionals and town planners at local and national levels:

  • Involvement in human resource development at City of Johannesburg Valuation department

  • Advised on practical training at University of Witwatersrand Real Estate Programme

  • Gave workshops for the RICS, SAIV work-school

  • Contributed to Real Estate Institute of Zimbabwe real estate programme as Examiners and Markers

  • Advised the institute of Estate Agents of South Africa on training and educational needs of Estate Agents

We believe in meaningful training and professional development through skills and knowledge transfer and practical work experience.


To provide property services that surpass client expectations based on well researched methods and internationally accepted best practice that protect and enhance the value of property interests of the client while minimising the client cost, time and risk.


  • Confidentiality

  • Integrity

  • Trust and Dignity

  • Professional Accountability

Executive Team

Louis Taderera - Webster Mapiye - Prince Mashayahanya